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FS: 1991 Sentra SE-R

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    FS: 1991 Sentra SE-R

    To my chagrin, it's time to sell the SE-R. I just don't drive it enough to warrant its parking space. I've had this car since 2000 and I'm the second owner. 181,000 miles now, 99k when I bought it.

    Rest of set:

    Regularly autoxed between 2001 and 2007, tracked on occasion (not W2W). Very well maintained, dino oil changed religiously between 3 and 4k. In great physical and mechanical shape, current inspection, no major issues with the car.

    Mods: completely stock until prepped for STS (now ST) in 2004.
    Engine: Hot air version of AEM CAI, 5th gen Hotshot header, HKS exhaust with terrible $60 muffler, unorthodox pulleys
    Suspension: Custom strut housings (read: ugly) with Koni 8611-1257 inserts, GC sleeves with 400/500 springs, GC camber plates up front, custom Shigspeed offset top mounts in the rear, Progress swaybars, front and rear, Active Tuning rear strut bar, SS brakes lines, 3” Subaru studs on the front hubs
    Interior: Kirk Racing bolt-in rollbar, 5 point harnesses on both seats, VDO oil pressure gauge and coolant temp gauge, alpine head unit with kenwood up front, boston acoustics in the rear, best stereo in any car I own…

    The Good:
    • Orig Engine, been a great engine. Dynoed @123whp with 120,000 miles on it, then completely stock (even OEM air filter), compression test was well within spec at 140,000 miles, no noticeable drop in power since.
    • Body is in good shape, especially considering its age. Very few door dings, a quarter size dent right behind one of the turn signals.
    • NO appreciable rust anywhere.
    • Handles really well in its current state, rotates on demand but not snappy, very tossable. I still love driving it.
    • Lots of gotchas already done: timing chain tensioner, plastic timing chain guide replaced with updated metal part, water pump replaced, clutch replaced at 140,000 miles, B14 power steering reservoir, large majority of vacuum lines replaced, bunch of other stuff…

    The Bad:
    • Beginnings of fifth gear popout. Can cruise in 5th easily but full throttle will pop it out.
    • Paint is in its last stages. Repaint under previous owner (pass rear was lightly bumped, I think the bumper was replaced… never found any structural damage or even repair) is peeling and down to primer in spots
    • Dash is cracked right above instrument cluster and curled up in the center.
    • A/C doesn’t work… used to work great, slowly stopped working, never even investigated, I assume it’s got a leak and is now empty.
    • Blower doesn’t work on 4

    • 2 sets of stock rims, one with hankook snows (3/4 tread left), one with Potenza all-seasons (4/32s)
    • Freshly rebuilt 5th 8611 insert
    • 1 set of ATS Comp Lites (15x7) in gunmetal with very dead 205/50 Azenis615s.
    • Receipts from my ownership AND original owner’s (with orig. window sticker).
    • Numerous boxes of interior trim/splash shields, etc.
    • Numerous boxes of transmission parts/spare VLSD/spare OEM axle/one brand new RAXLE
    • Stock suspension, assembled on KYB AGXs

    $2900 obo
    '11 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde; '21 BMW 2-series: the kid hauler.

    Sold. *sniff*

    Thanks, sandbox!
    '11 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde; '21 BMW 2-series: the kid hauler.